This instructable is basically how to make a sound-proof container for your alarm clock. It can be used for the Sabbath (when you're unable to turn off the alarm) so you don't go insane from the constant beeping. In addition, it is the first step to a super alarm clock that is loud for you but not anyone else.

The instructable will be how to make the sound-proof container and the last step will be how I made the cool alarm clock thingy. I will share my ideas on how to make it work even better and hopefully give you some ideas of your own. The idea behind it was an alarm that used modified headphones that wouldn't fall off during sleep attached to an iPhone. The problem is that the iPhone alarms come through the headphones and the thing itself, so I had to find a way to block the sound from the iPhone. This is that story.

It's a basic design but you may have to replace some of the materials. Shouldn't be too hard. Most of the things you wouldn't be able to find are easily replaceable.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

- Scissors
- Scroll saw
- Drill
- Screw driver
- Hammer

- Something to cut the thick cardboard with - I used this with a rotary tool: http://www.dremel.com/en-us/AttachmentsAndAccessories/Pages/AttachmentsDetail.aspx?pid=543
- Marker

- Yoga mat (I recommend just buying one and keeping the extra materiel. It's useful to have.)
- Thick cardboard tube (I used the tube that those plastic table clothes come rolled in. Just find the thickest you can. You can always wrap it in more cardboard) Make sure its inner diameter is bigger than the width of your alarm
- Old socks or any other old clothing
- Bigger cardboard tube - I used a oat container
- Duct tape
- Screws/nails
- Small nails
- String
- Key ring

I'm currently working on Version 2 of this alarm which would be just the roommate aspect without the Sabbath part. I'll put it up when I finish. It addresses all the issues and ideas I listed in step 7.
The reason is, as mrmath said, one of the prohibitions on the Sabbath is against using electricity. Once the Sabbath starts, you can't turn off the alarm so if it goes off in the morning, it's going to be beeping all day long. This instructable blocks that sound.<br>As this is not an issue for a lot of you, I included the last step. Using it, or something similar, you can easily turn this into an alarm that can wake you but not your roommate (I've confirmed that this works). <br>Sorry for any confusion about the laws of the Sabbath.
Okay, now I understand!<br>Thank you for helping me understand!
I'm not sure why this is being made. Why can't you turn off your alarm clock and specifically why not on the Sabbath? Please explain and help us understand!
Orthodox Jews can't use anything with electricity or money on the Sabbath. So, if the alarm is not turned off when cowmanpoke wakes up on the morning before the Sabbath, cowmanpoke won't be able to turn it off all day long.
Thanks for the clarification!<br>Now I understand.
I turn my alarm off every morning and on every night, so I don't see a use for this. Even if I did leave it on all the time as you apparently do, why not just turn it off when you wake up on the morning before the Sabbath? If I'm not mistaken, the Sabbath ends at sundown, right? If that's correct, you would be able to turn it back on before going to bed as long as you stayed up late enough.
ummm...i don't get it...
Why don't you just turn off the alarm like me?
What a great way to avoid a stoning !

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