Sabotage Pen


Introduction: Sabotage Pen

Demonstartion on how to build a pen that when opened gives off a bang scaring your victim.



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    Go to and have fun with my PC shutdown prank at no harms.

    Bad Idea. I made one myself about 30 years ago. The rear came off like a bullet and nearly took my eye out.

    This is not a prank. It is a dangerous explosive device.

    in the video it says cdowent009 !!

    around here you can buy pen where you insert a piece of those red rings (for toy guns), and, if opened, bang. i demolished mine, an i now use that part in the door sometimes. if people come in, the thing falls and explodes. yay!

    Someone should totally put one of these into their teachers desk so the teacher opens it!!

    hey thanks for thecomments.The music track used was Distance by Karsh Kale.Yea it can get messy at times I have a video of it goin off but it is poor sound quality.Also in this video i have place a BB in the end of the pen that Is projected when the cap is pulled if your interested in making a mini pull cannon with this. Haha and no i did not shoot a dog in the video my dog goes crazy when he heres fireworks.

    Nice Idea and great video Instructable not to mention how you did that with getting very little ink on your hands.

    What track did you use for the music bed?

    Good point. DON'T CHEW AN UNRELIABLE FRIEND'S PEN!!!! Great idea. I gotta try this some time. +1

    This is a good idea as long as they don't have the habit of chewing on their pens...or their friend's pens. I would glue the string to the inside of the cap so it is not as obvious on the outside.

    Can you add a video that shoes the actual bang and a scared victim, so we can see the effect before deciding whether to build, although i probably will!

    Funny idea! Imagine when you did that, it actually makes a huge explosion and they blow up! Hahaha! Just kidding. Awesome job!