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I'm a HUGE little big planet fan.
Here is some of the stuff Ive made with some help form a knitter I know! feel free to comment!


REDSTEEL2 (author)2012-06-17

LittleBIGplanet forever!

botguy24 (author)REDSTEEL22012-06-17

do u have a vita or ps3?

botguy24 (author)REDSTEEL22012-06-17

I've actually been playing the beta for littleBIGplanet VITA... its so sick.

Kiteman (author)2011-12-13

Very cute!

You ought to post a step-by-step of the mobile.

botguy24 (author)Kiteman2011-12-13

I was thinking the same thing! its pretty easy and cheap.

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2011-12-13

He's so cute! What did you make him out of?

Thanks! hes just made out of thick dark brown yarn! the mouth is black felt and the tongue is thin red yarn.

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