My interest in exploring the interaction between organic and inorganic shapes and space motivated me to design containers to hold airplants and succulents.  These 3D prints are the result of the unadulterated prints and some transformations.  CAD file support provided by my friend Aaron Porterfield.

Step 1: Design 3D “plant Pots”

I designed small “egg shaped buckets” in the center of a 6-sided star influenced design with various blade forms extending at the points of the star. The progression in increasing size of the blades from bottom to top is influenced by the Golden Ratio (~1.6) when possible. ...and I printed a small scaled Great Pyramid for good measure; the file I found on the web had the facing brick lines and a smooth top section, versus the current de-faced state of the Great Pyramid.
I have added the STL files so you may print and play with these designs :)

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