Sad Clown




Introduction: Sad Clown

Sad clown with homemade tutu, yarn pom-poms, and felt mini-hat.

Portions of this clown costume were purchased such as the leotard, shorts, eyelashes, ribbon and hair curls, legwarmers/armbands, and shoes.  I made the rainbow tulle tutu, the yarn pom-poms, and the felt mini-hat. 

The tutu was made by tying 4-inch strips of tulle to a piece of elastic that fit around her waist.  I used 3 strips for each color of the rainbow and then repeated the sequence.

I found rainbow yarn to make the pom-poms and then sewed them to the front of her leotard.

The felt mini-hat was made by covering a lightweight cup and a cardboard circle with felt and attaching both to a headband.  I embellished them with buttons, mini pom-poms, and feathers. 

Her eyelashes were purchased at a costume shop and adhered with lash glue, and her face was painted with Ben Nye clown white facepaint and setting powder.



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