Usually I find these nice big shoppers at work. The finders/keepers-rule applies so I have a lot of them at home and yet I have never bought one in my life. Double convenience!

This week though I found one that was torn at the sides. I was about to throw it away but then I thought no...
It can be put to good use somehow!

So now I bring you the shoppingbagsaddlecover. For your convenience.

The bags are mostly very colourful so not only will this cover keep your saddle dry; it will look good doing it.

This one I just made says "hello" in Dutch. It will be the first thing to greet me when I cycle to work in the morning. I like that.

Step 1: Making a Pattern

I don't know what kind of plastic these bags are made from but if you look closely you can see the woven structure. It should be sturdy enough!

So what do we need?

- An old big-shopper (it has been cut open)
- Some paper to make the pattern and tape
- Tape-measure,
- Scissors
- Elastic or non-elastic cord
- Sewingmachine

Fold the paper and put it on the saddle. The fold should be in the middle. Draw a rough outline. Too big is better than too small!

Fold open the pattern and put it on the bag. Choose a section you like. Draw the pattern on the bag and cut it. As you can see I added some extra space for the seam.

This is great! If I had seeing skills I would be all over this!
:D having sewing skills is awesome! Try it sometimes.
Hallo Jumbo! The handles get worn after using these bags for a while. This is a great way to reuse them! Thanks for sharing.
<p>The violent yellow pretty much gives it away instantly :)</p><p>My pleasure!</p>
<p>I totally love it! Isn't the term Big-shopper known in the states?</p><p>I vind hem helemaal geweldig, maar is de Big-shopper niet bekend in de US?</p>
dank je! ;)<br>You're probably right. I wasn't sure. (I don't even know the proper dutch name. I call them &quot;boodschappentassen, van die stevige&quot; Mostly. )<br>
Wij noemen ze big shoppers ;-) of boodschappentassen.<br>Die dunne plastic heten tasjes.<br><br>We call them big shippers or grocerybags.<br>The thin plastic ones we call bags.<br>
<p>We do? :D right! </p><p>thanks again!</p>

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