2)Western Saddle
6)Saddlepad or Blanket

Step 1: First Step

1) Get a Blanket or Saddlepad (Make sure the saddlepad fits the horse.)

Tip- Place the saddlepad or blanket on top of the withers so the horse won't get saddle sore.

Very nice, I'm just curious.... Is your saddle and saddle pad for a little kid? They both look very small. But your horse is cute :)
Very good instructable. I have a couple of comments. Before cinching up the the saddle make an air pocket over the withers by sticking your hand under the blanket and lift it it a little. This will keep it from pinching down on the withers and making sores. After cinching the saddle, if your horse is safe and gentle, lift the front leg by grasping it behind the knee and pull the leg forward. Do it on each side. This will straighten out any wrinkles under the girth that might make the horse uncomfortable. Its obvious that you love your horse and take good care of or her.
GO DELANEY&rechel!!!!!!!! your aweomse ily
Excellent job r and d now time to ride me some horses!! yee haw!!!
Thanks Alex and Olivia :D
Good job! Very helpful. :)
Thank You
First 'ible?<br> <br> Loose the <strong>bold</strong>.<br> <br> Step 10 Tenth Step<br> 10). Are be being a bit redundant here?<br> <br> Pics keep repeating. Other than that... nice! I like the horse pics.
Where's your First Instructable ?
BOLD IS GOOD ! I AM OLD AND CANNOT SEE SO GOOD SO THANK YOU FOR THE BOLD !<br><br>I am a city boy.<br>My Dad taught me to ride Cavalry Style.<br>It has come in handy knowing how to saddle a horse and ride.<br>I worked a ranch in the Big Hole in Montanna and we had to move cattle from time to time.

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