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Introduction: Safari Storage Boxes

All children love animals and wouldn't it be great if we can bring it a little to the room?? especially if it helps to organise stuff? I made these boxes in Safari theam, but you can modify to suite your room decore

Step 1: Materials

Below are a list of materials that i have used. For the animal prints you can use ready made ribbons or create some like I did.I designed the seamless animals prints and got them printed by off set printers on flex fabric.Flex fabric is what they use for banner printing. It is cheap and pretty strong and versatile. For those of you who would like to have the animal print i have included the link to the file. It is a rather large file with high resolution.So you will have to download it from google drive.

here is the link

Below are the other items I used

5mm MDF board

Jute Fabric



stapler / nail gun

Step 2: Cut to Size

First you need to cut your MDF to size. These boxes are not large. The dimensions are 12x8x5 inches. As I used a full sheet of MDF I first cut a few strips 8" wide strips. I then cut it to size. Later I cut 5 inch wide strips and cut accordingly. Measurements here will of course differ from materials you would use or the size you want.

Step 3: Assembling

Assembling was pretty easy...just glue and stapler the sides. Then sand the edges. I painted the MDF as i wanted a darker brown.

Step 4: Cut the Jute

Jute fabric can sometimes be crooked if you want to draw thread out, so first you need to pull a thread off to know the straight line. then trim it off from there. Now you can measure and cut the width of the jute ribbon you want. I cut these to 4 inches wide.

Pull out a few strands on either side to give the frayed look to the ribbon

Step 5: Print and Cut

Once you have printed the animal prints from the link I have provided

cut those to your required size. The size in the above link is 42x48 inches. I cut this ribbon to 3 inches wide.

Step 6: Assembling the Box

It is now basically putting it all together!

Fist glue and wrap the jute ribbon. Them the animal print ribbon!

Super easy and super cute. Giving gifts should be easy and a joy to do! especially if you are making loads of them!

Step 7: What's Your Favorite??

So what's your favorite print?? Would you love to have boxes like this ?

A friend who is an event planer used it for a table center piece too :-)

I have put this up for 'Homemade Gifts Contest' and 'Designed for kids contest' I would really appreciate your votes! Thanks.



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Those Boxes are AWESOME ! It NEVER occurred to me to get prints made up on banner material ! ....OH the projects that coulda been a bazillion times easier had I known about that earlier on in life......THAT tip is worth it's weight in gold right there! Too Cool ! Thanx for showing us !

Yet another cute project

Thanks! appreciate your support :-)

Good job, that regular Elmer's glue?

Thanks! no it's wood glue. Cheap, easy to apply and quite strong :-) I've uploaded and image of it.


Thanks...totally unaware of it!

Your Welcome :-D

These are super cute. Do you also make lids for the boxes?

Thanks...No I did not add lids for them...they actually stack quite well on top of each other. A friend who is an event planner used it for a table center piece !

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