Safe, Fun Ninja Star





Introduction: Safe, Fun Ninja Star

This is a safe ninja star that wont put holes in your wall but WILL be fun to throw. All you need is a few simple tools/supplies.

~|~Cardboard/Shoe Box/Soda Box/Thick or thin cardboard/ect.
~|~Scissors or something sharp to cut with.
~|~Tape: Gaffer tape or the tape that looks like metal. Duct Tape(the clear stuff) And optonal but useful, just Scotch Tape.
Once you have these, take a look at the next step!

Step 1: Step 1: the Tracing

OK know your design, then draw it on the cardboard and another right next to it. Another more efficient way is make a oragami Shuriken and trace that. What ever works for you.

Then go on to Step 2

Step 2: Step 3: Cut and Tape

OK then you cut the two shuriken shapes from the cardboard.
After, tape them together with packing tape, make an X in between the points.(in the picture, the X means the tape) After u do that a few times, smear your finger on the edge of it to make it shaped.


Step 3: Step 3: More Taping

Yea, Yea, more tapeing, but all you do is, tape it like before, over the masking tape, But do it a lot.
see photo 2
(the grey is the tape, brown is still cardboard)

After, tape the corners. Its a little different than just "mummifing" it. This time you put the tape DIAGNAL on the corner, then wrap it like present.
See photo 1

The just tape it over the wrapping lines.

Step 4: Last Step

If you want it to be heavyer, just repeat step 3. Tape it up some more, BUT I MUST WARN YOU IF YOU PUT TOO MUCH IT WILL TURN INTO A SQUARE WITH POINTS< so dont put too much tape.




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    How can you put "safe" and "ninja star" in the same sentence without the word "not"??????????????????????????
    nice ible though

    would this work with regular printerpaper?

    I like the ones you can make from CPU disks mine broke and it still works lol

    Its not the greatest instructable, and I thought that was to post dangerous, fun experiments.

    if you want this kind of instructables, you must visit


    what are going to do with this? You can throw it around but would you get bored?

    the point of a shurken ( ninja dart ) is to be the opposite of safe.

    ok duct tape is the tape that looks like metal and the clear stuff is scotch tape

    awesome shuriken i am a ninja freak