This is a safe ninja star that wont put holes in your wall but WILL be fun to throw. All you need is a few simple tools/supplies.

~|~Cardboard/Shoe Box/Soda Box/Thick or thin cardboard/ect.
~|~Scissors or something sharp to cut with.
~|~Tape: Gaffer tape or the tape that looks like metal. Duct Tape(the clear stuff) And optonal but useful, just Scotch Tape.
Once you have these, take a look at the next step!

Step 1: Step 1: the Tracing

OK know your design, then draw it on the cardboard and another right next to it. Another more efficient way is make a oragami Shuriken and trace that. What ever works for you.

Then go on to Step 2

Step 2: Step 3: Cut and Tape

OK then you cut the two shuriken shapes from the cardboard.
After, tape them together with packing tape, make an X in between the points.(in the picture, the X means the tape) After u do that a few times, smear your finger on the edge of it to make it shaped.


Step 3: Step 3: More Taping

Yea, Yea, more tapeing, but all you do is, tape it like before, over the masking tape, But do it a lot.
see photo 2
(the grey is the tape, brown is still cardboard)

After, tape the corners. Its a little different than just "mummifing" it. This time you put the tape DIAGNAL on the corner, then wrap it like present.
See photo 1

The just tape it over the wrapping lines.

Step 4: Last Step

If you want it to be heavyer, just repeat step 3. Tape it up some more, BUT I MUST WARN YOU IF YOU PUT TOO MUCH IT WILL TURN INTO A SQUARE WITH POINTS< so dont put too much tape.

How can you put &quot;safe&quot; and &quot;ninja star&quot; in the same sentence without the word &quot;not&quot;??????????????????????????<br /> nice ible though
would this work with regular printerpaper?
I like the ones you can make from CPU disks mine broke and it still works lol
Its not the greatest instructable, and I thought that instructables.com was to post <em>dangerous</em>, <em>fun experiments.</em><br/>
if you want this kind of instructables, you must visit dangerouslyfun.com
what are going to do with this? You can throw it around but would you get bored?
the point of a shurken ( ninja dart ) is to be the opposite of safe.
ok duct tape is the tape that looks like metal and the clear stuff is scotch tape
awesome shuriken i am a ninja freak
i ran out of frisbees. My dog likes em.
if any one she's this video and if you have a picture on you account, could you send me an e mail on how to do that please? like a pic for my guy's head please and thank you at fastrunner_16@hotmail
meh it was an &quot;ok&quot; sheriken good video tho! <sup>_</sup><br/>
safe isn't in my vocabulary. Check out this one my friend made at. <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/popsicle-stick-throwing-star/">https://www.instructables.com/id/popsicle-stick-throwing-star/</a><br/>
I'm going to make a few now <sup></sup>.<br/>
erm it didn't work...the stars are the wrong size, and the lines dissappeared when I downsized the picture O.O
this kinda /syke sucks
THOSE R EASY AND THEY FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why thanks! I just figured it out! Its fun

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