This is a safe ninja star that wont put holes in your wall but WILL be fun to throw. All you need is a few simple tools/supplies.

~|~Cardboard/Shoe Box/Soda Box/Thick or thin cardboard/ect.
~|~Scissors or something sharp to cut with.
~|~Tape: Gaffer tape or the tape that looks like metal. Duct Tape(the clear stuff) And optonal but useful, just Scotch Tape.
Once you have these, take a look at the next step!

Step 1: Step 1: The Tracing

Picture of Step 1: The Tracing
OK know your design, then draw it on the cardboard and another right next to it. Another more efficient way is make a oragami Shuriken and trace that. What ever works for you.

Then go on to Step 2
quesoman5 years ago
How can you put "safe" and "ninja star" in the same sentence without the word "not"??????????????????????????
nice ible though
Nsane3216 years ago
would this work with regular printerpaper?
dethball66 years ago
I like the ones you can make from CPU disks mine broke and it still works lol
Its not the greatest instructable, and I thought that instructables.com was to post dangerous, fun experiments.
if you want this kind of instructables, you must visit dangerouslyfun.com
Sunny1246137 years ago
what are going to do with this? You can throw it around but would you get bored?
the point of a shurken ( ninja dart ) is to be the opposite of safe.
ok duct tape is the tape that looks like metal and the clear stuff is scotch tape
zeda.beta7 years ago
awesome shuriken i am a ninja freak
X_D_3_M_17 years ago
i ran out of frisbees. My dog likes em.
if any one she's this video and if you have a picture on you account, could you send me an e mail on how to do that please? like a pic for my guy's head please and thank you at fastrunner_16@hotmail
meh it was an "ok" sheriken good video tho! _
safe isn't in my vocabulary. Check out this one my friend made at. http://www.instructables.com/id/popsicle-stick-throwing-star/
Maxaxle7 years ago
I'm going to make a few now .
Maxaxle Maxaxle7 years ago
erm it didn't work...the stars are the wrong size, and the lines dissappeared when I downsized the picture O.O
Jaradinho7 years ago
this kinda /syke sucks
THOSE R EASY AND THEY FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NEEDsumthin2DO (author)  jesusfreak958 years ago
Why thanks! I just figured it out! Its fun