Safe Fire Breathing W/O Corn Starch... Using Non-Toxic Liquid Fuel!!

video Safe Fire Breathing W/O Corn Starch... Using Non-Toxic Liquid Fuel!!
After long Research I have determined that this is a First Time Video on YouTube! Yes that's right 1st Time! What do I mean..? I have seen no-one do this before! Everyone uses Corn Starch, Flour and  Powdered Sugar... But all of these are rather unpleasant to put in your mouth, and plus they are solid fuels which are way different than Liquids...

Now isn't their a Liquid fuel that is safe to swallow and can be used as efficiently as other harsher Liquid Fuels!? Yes, and it is simple and cheap!

Vegetable oil can be used as a safe an effective alternative for other Dangerous and Toxic fuels... It just takes a little preparation first, which I'll show in this video...

Once again this is the 1st video I could find ever doing this so, if you guys enjoy originality, please Remember to Comment, Rate and Subscribe!

If you are having problems getting the flames right try particing with water to get your misting down... And be safe!!
MrE4 months ago

Have you thought about thinning the oil out with mineral oil?

TrollFaceTheMan (author)  MrE4 months ago

I have not... One sec I am going to check viscosity differences...

TrollFaceTheMan (author)  TrollFaceTheMan4 months ago

Well the Specific Gravity of mineral oil is
0.882, Well the Specific gravity of vegetable oil is 0.9133 to 0.9168... So theoretically the mineral oil should be less dense, also the mineral oil has a lower flash point (365-450 F) than Canola oils (400-475 F) so if is viable to get a more substitutable flame...

Mineral oil does however have 4 less calories per table spoon, compared to Canola oil... Which means slightly less energy in the flame...

And both are roughly the same price if purchased by the gallon...

They only thing I am unsure about though if if they actually can mix... And if they can, then how well...

If they can mix well, overall it might be a viable way to thin it out a little... I don't know for sure because everything looks good on paper but seems to suffer in practice...

Thanks for the comment!


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