In this simple and short instructable I'll show you a safe way to hammer in nails without hurting your thumb or fingers.

All you need for this safe hammer and nail hack is a pencil with a rubber on the end.

Using a sharp blade, slice down the middle of the rubber (see image or video).

Place your nail into the rubber and hold pencil where you want the nail and hammer.

Your thumb and fingers are safe from pain and others ears from your profanity's.

<p>Or you could just hold it with your fingers, gently tap it in until it is stable enough that you can let go. Then hammer it in normally.. </p>
<p>As I've grown older, my thickened, arthritic fingers get hit more and more frequently when holding fasteners (usually fence or electrical staples) of less than 3/4 inch in length. </p>
<p>wow this is such a good idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>
<p>up here for thinkin' - thank you</p>
<p>Love it! My fingers say thank you and they gave you a vote.</p>
<p>So clever! I'll have to try this next time I'm using a hammer. I hate doing it now because I inevitably hit my thumb!</p>
So simple and clever. Never thought of this. Woyld have saved me a lot if sore fingers. lol Thank you.
<p>If you don't have a pencil handy, the small hole in a wooden clothes peg works too.</p>
<p>I like it, great idea :) </p>
<p>Thanks :]</p>
<p>Great idea this is awesome. </p>
<p>great idea!</p>
<p>Great idea. </p>
<p>Hey thanks.</p>
<p>umm... why won't you use clothespin ?</p>
<p>umm... yes, there's more than one way to skin a cat. Plus 99.9% of woodworkers have a pencil with a rubber to hand. </p><p>Thanks</p>
it's a ball peen hammer
don't hate on this Instructible, maybe they haven't invented pliers yet in his country.
Simple but great idea!
<p>Thanks :]</p>
<p>nice idea sir!</p>
<p>Thanks :]</p>
<p>Thanks :]</p>
Or you could just push the nail through a piece of cardboard?
<p>There are lot's of ways to do this. The thinking behind this version is that 99.9% of woodworkers have a pencil with a rubber to hand.</p>
<p>There are probably a 1000 ways to do this. Why do you have to hate on this instructable?</p>

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