This is a way to create a child-safe yet fun design. I did this when my brother told me I couldn't  "spark' his spark scooter. So, I just designed a way to not use the spark but get a cool effect. the total cost varies. If you have a spark scooter, It's practically nothing. But, the Spark scooters cost 65-80 dollars depending where you get them.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

1 Razor Spark Scooter
1 Piece Sidewalk Chalk
1 Rubber Band (2 if they're small)

Step 2: Dissassemble!

Now, you need to take out the spark bar. Instructions for this are in your scooter manual.

Step 3: Assemble!

Now, take the rubber band and put it around the chalk and one of the spark holders.

Step 4: Wrap!

Wrap it over a couple times. Make sure it's tight!

Step 5: Adjust!

Gently slide the chalk up or down so that it will be right above the ground.

Step 6: Learn!

Just Spark the scooter and it can create a LONG line, you can also do designs and letters.
<p>that's cool !!!!!!!!!</p>
this would also bee cool if it was a spray can you could actuate to spray a line on the cement.
how is it safe, if u dont were shoes as the manual say? im just sayin
Looks like they took your idea: http://www.razorextreme.co.uk/view/products/kick-scooters/detail/graffiti-chalk-scooter/
yah i have blown 5gallon drum with gun pouder and gas and a scooter
lol i hate those scooters. what if u ride it around a gas station?
that would be epic fail.
No sparks !
Nice!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
Thanks!<br /> <br />
Your welcome!!!!!!!<br />
Honestly, I'm loving that the &quot;Safe&quot; scooter instructable is being demonstrated by someone barefoot without kneepads (and presumably elbowpads or helmet)...&nbsp; <br /> <br /> In all seriousness though, how is this &quot;safer&quot; than sparking?<br />
he is wearing a helmet, and you don't have to worry about catching grass growing in the cracks from igniting.<br /> <br />

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