This is the smartest and safest trick I've seen for protecting your digits when hammering a nail. Simply hold the nail with a wooden clothes pin! Even a seasoned hammer wielder like myself can miss, so I say, give safety the green light and go for the ouch-free gold.

Step 1: Supplies

  • hammer
  • wooden clothes pin
  • nail

Step 2: Placement

Clamp the nail with the clothes pin so that the tip of the nail is JUST sticking out from the side that you'll put up against the wall.

Step 3: Ready, Aim, Magic!

Hold the pin/nail combo up against the wall where you'd like to put the nail.

Hammer in the nail, risk free!

You and your thumbnail are welcome. : )

<p>Or just take a piece of cardboard!</p>
This idea (along with the ones of pushing the nail through a piece of card, using a twist wrap of aluminium foil etc etc) all have one big issue; they are only practical if you are placing a single nail.<br><br>If you were say... felting a roof, cladding a fence, joining a crate... then these methods will leave you frustrated and short on life by the time you eventually finish.<br><br>Easiest solution... and quickest? Pay attention to what you're doing for each use of the hammer (or any tool). You will get safer AND quicker.
<p>Hammers with magnetic nail starters are wonderful.</p>
<p>I would have to disagree(partially)with Bricobart. &quot;Real men don't car about crushed finger tips&quot;. I am a very real man but I still like my fingers. I have been hammering nails as long as I can remember and have never used a closepin. Though this would work, you don't get the full &quot;effect&quot; of hammering; pain builds character...sometimes. A helpful tip: if you hammer and hit your finger enough times, it ceases to hurt.(I know from experience lol)</p>
lol can't believe I never thought of that. great job
<p>Just a tip: close the clothes pin with a clamp and drill a small hole where the two ends meet. You'll obtain a kind of 'groove' on each side that will hold the nail better. </p><p>Just in case: real men don't care about crushed finger tips... </p>
More like how to safely lose your man card.
<p>iv'e used pliers for nail punching old floor boards before sanding, got sick of hitting my thumb , peg a good idea ill put 1 in my tool box for those small nails </p>
<p>Great idea for keeping fingers the right shape and saves a whole lot of cuss words too!!!!! Thank you!</p>
Brilliant! I can't believe I never thought of it.

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