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This is a simple to do project to help making safety lights a cool thing on your bike

Step 1: This Is a Super Simple and Customizable Bike Light.

Things you will need:

You can use any color plexiglass you want, just make sure it's at least 1/4" to a maximum 1/2"
- LED strips again choose your own color. MAKE SURE THEY ARE 12v LEDs
- 12 volt power supply ( I used a 1000mah li-po battery from a local hobby store)
- 40/40 screws 1/2"

Simply cut a shape you would like on your mud guard.
Make allotments for light strip bulbs in plexiglass
Make holes for screws
Wire the lights together.


gkelly2 (author)2016-01-03

This is a bit sharp able dangerously easy to hurt yourself on please be careful using it

MattD51 (author)gkelly22016-01-03

As mentioned in the original post, you are encouraged to create your own designs out of plexiglass. So yes please take consideration into your own design. Thanks for sharing your concern

seamster (author)2015-12-23

Very cool idea. And so simple too. Makes your bike look rad! :)

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