Introduction: Safety Bookmark for Money

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Imagine if a thief want to steal your money. Do you think that he goes in your library and he watchs your bookmark?

Step 1: Material

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- 1 Sheet of paper
- Scissors
- Glue
- Pencils
- Big Book

Step 2: Beginning

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1. Take the sheet of paper in landscape
2. Fold in half and refold the half (photo 2)

Step 3: Half of the Build

Picture of Half of the Build

1. Cut one quarter of the sheet of paper
2. Fold and unfold the rest of the sheet of paper in half (photo 2)

Step 4: Time to Glue

Picture of Time to Glue

1. Add glue as photo 1 and refold in half.
2. Clean the sides with your scissors

Step 5: The "fake" Bookmark

Picture of The "fake" Bookmark

1. Retake the scrape of that you previously cut.
2. Fold and unfold it as the photos.
3. Add glue like the photos.
4. Clean the sides with your scissors.
5. Color it.

Step 6: The End

Picture of The End

1. Take note of where you want to paste the differents parts.
2. Add glue and paste them.
3. Add your banknote in the envelope
4. Search a page where you can put the bookmark and put your book in your bookshelves.


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