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I work out of a bucket truck on the side of the road all day. Safety cones do very little to deter people from nipping your heels or knocking over your cones. I came up with this little contraption to give drivers a little more of a warning that there is a huge truck on the shoulder of the road.

Step 1: Parts Needed

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13, 11:00 AM.jpg
12 volt strobe, 12 volt battery, Aluminum straps, Nylon strap, Switch, Terminal connectors, Zip ties, Carriage bolt and nut
spyder20212 years ago
now that is pretty cleaver. maybe rig it to use the same 6v battery that the barrel flashers use (the one that are used when they do road work)
wheeljam2 years ago
Should of put it in a contest, I would vote for it. I am an over the road truck driver. This is an awesome idea. Great instructable!!
thebear12 years ago
very neat  little contraption  good job  congrats on coming up with this should help out on the safety of working on the side of the road