Safety Glasses Pencil Clip





Introduction: Safety Glasses Pencil Clip

People often put a pencil behind their ear for safe keeping, but when wearing the appropriate safety equipment this is not always possible. This replacement temple for safety glasses holds the pencil securely conveniently.

I have included the STL file for 3D printing yourself. You can also find the file on Shapeways by following this link (ShapeWays)

This replacement temple fits 3M glasses that can be found at the following link and also at home depot. (3M Glasses)

Step 1: Measure and CAD

I started by measuring the temple of an existing pair of safety glasses with digital calipers and building it again in SolidWorks. Next I added the pencil clip part to the 3D part.

Step 2: Replace Temple

Unscrew the right side temple from the safety glasses and replace it with the pencil clip temple. There are minor variations between this style of safety glasses so a few minor modifications may be necessary in order to make the fit perfect.

Step 3: Stay Safe and Keep Your Pencil Close

Your glasses now feature a convenient place to keep one of your most important tools.

Stay safe and keep your pencil close.



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    Thanks. Glad you like it.

    Patent it (maybe) and start a mass production of those glasses. This certainly would make a great competitive advantage. :)

    This is an idea I would prefer to share freely with the world rather than pursuing a patent.

    That's the reason I said maybe. :)
    Keep it up!

    Can you include the SolidWorks file? The file you linked won't open on our system. If so, I will be making one today or tomorrow. Thanks so much, as a carpentry teacher, this will help so much.

    Yes indeed. The file is up there now. Hope it works out. If it does please post photos.

    Love the idea and will be making one soon.