Safety Goggles With Magnification Lens





Introduction: Safety Goggles With Magnification Lens

I had nothing to do on a Friday night, so i thought I'd try building something useful... After digging through my workshop and using up a good 30 minutes, i had made some safety goggles with a lens on them, so i can look at details too small to see without magnification. I'm not going to include instructions or a super-detailed list of parts, it's just an idea that I'd though I'd share. I started with the lens; i don't know where i got it, maybe from an old, broken telescope eyepiece. I found a hose clamp and tied that around the lens, then put a screw with an L-bracket on it through the part of the clasp still sticking out, and adjusted the clasp and bent it until the screw stayed in place, securing it with a nut. Next, i took a tiny hinge i had laying around, and drilled a hole through the middle of it so i could put a screw through that, again securing it with a nut. Finally, i used some hot glue to attach the other side of the hinge to the goggles. And poof! A magnification lens on some safety goggles. It moves up and down, so you don't always have to look through it.

also, it's my first instructable, so suggestions/comments would be appreciated :]



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    Maybe attach it to a spring loaded clamp. That would also alow you to remove them from the galsses more easily.

    Now I'll be keeping an eye out for old telescopes when I'm at good will and thrift shops :)

    Why didn't you put that cap screw the other way? Or cut it shorter?

    well seeing as i'm operating out of our old basement workshop with little/no supplies, i used what i had at my disposal...good suggestions though, i might start work on an improved version soon.

    I almost want to call this "modern steampunking" if there is such a thing. Great idea, though, for those that need easy magnification in their workshop.

    Oh, and I believe the term you were looking for is "hose clamp."