Safety Goggles With Magnification Lens


Introduction: Safety Goggles With Magnification Lens

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I had nothing to do on a Friday night, so i thought I'd try building something useful... After digging through my workshop and using up a good 30 minutes, i had made some safety goggles with a lens on them, so i can look at details too small to see without magnification. I'm not going to include instructions or a super-detailed list of parts, it's just an idea that I'd though I'd share. I started with the lens; i don't know where i got it, maybe from an old, broken telescope eyepiece. I found a hose clamp and tied that around the lens, then put a screw with an L-bracket on it through the part of the clasp still sticking out, and adjusted the clasp and bent it until the screw stayed in place, securing it with a nut. Next, i took a tiny hinge i had laying around, and drilled a hole through the middle of it so i could put a screw through that, again securing it with a nut. Finally, i used some hot glue to attach the other side of the hinge to the goggles. And poof! A magnification lens on some safety goggles. It moves up and down, so you don't always have to look through it.

also, it's my first instructable, so suggestions/comments would be appreciated :]



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    Maybe attach it to a spring loaded clamp. That would also alow you to remove them from the galsses more easily.

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    Now I'll be keeping an eye out for old telescopes when I'm at good will and thrift shops :)

    Why didn't you put that cap screw the other way? Or cut it shorter?

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    well seeing as i'm operating out of our old basement workshop with little/no supplies, i used what i had at my disposal...good suggestions though, i might start work on an improved version soon.

    I almost want to call this "modern steampunking" if there is such a thing. Great idea, though, for those that need easy magnification in their workshop.

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    Oh, and I believe the term you were looking for is "hose clamp."