Introduction: Safety Net for Snow Sledding

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We have fun sledding in our back yard but we have steep hill that ends at the street. So a safety net would be a good idea. I decided to see if I could make one.

I did some research on line. YouTube has many net making instruction video so I used a combination of some of them to make my net.

The rope I used was from the Dollar Store.

Step 1: How I Made the Shuttle.

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I took the roll of rope and used some rubber bands to hold it together as I make the net. Worked very well just pull to release some rope. 

As for the mesh stick I used a piece of wood paneling I had and sanded the edges smooth. pic 5

Step 2: How I Made It

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The diagram shows how to start the net with the shuttle and mesh stick. I used the free end of a wood clamp to hold the net as I made it I just moved the row up every time I completed about 4 to 5 rows.


guipozjim (author)2012-04-08

It's a really good idea. I have thought a lot of times....I would do "this" if I had a net. The finish net looks grat...but I do not really see how you have done it. I do not understand clearly how to do the the video your hands cover them.It would be fantastic if you include some more drawings.

(Sorry for English mistakes...Big salutes from Spain!)

MartinMakes (author)guipozjim2012-04-08

Here is a video I found that shows the knot I used I hope it helps.

guipozjim (author)MartinMakes2012-05-18

Thanks! This video is really clear!

MartinMakes (author)guipozjim2012-04-08

Hey no problem I'll see what I can do, will put some drawing up soon.

prodchapin (author)2012-04-27

Thank you for the easy to follow instructional. I've been looking around for quite a while as to how to make a safety net. I've already started making my own net and is coming along quite nicely. Thank you again.

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