Safety Pin String Necklace





Introduction: Safety Pin String Necklace

- Want to get rid of big box of safety pins in your closet? Try this necklace for an upcoming event or party.

- You can create your own charm design with your favourite beads and in whatever style you want without spending any extra money by doing yourself.

What you need:

-Elastic string

-I used about 28 safety pins

- stone beads( golden and red color)

-Tiny beads( black,golden color)


Step 1: Adding Tiny Beads to Safety Pins:

- I have taken 10 large,8 medium,10 small size safety pins.

-First open the pin and insert tiny beads( golden and black color) in to the needle and close your pin.

-Arrange all pins according to the size after inserting beads.

Step 2: Arranging Safety Pins on the Elastic String:

-Take the elastic string and insert the safety pins according to the size.

-I placed designer pin in the middle and arranged safety pins from increasing to decreasing size order on both sides of the designer pin .

-I placed stone beads on each side of the safety pin.

Step 3: Adding Tiny Beads on to the Remaining String:

-After creating base. Now i added tiny golden beads all along the length of the string on both sides.

Step 4: Add Clasps:

-Last step is to add clasps at 2 ends by tying knots.

-Ready to wear:)

Step 5: Other Pattern:

-This is other pattern i created with safety pins.



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