Safety Pin Bracelet





Introduction: Safety Pin Bracelet

Safety pin bracelets have been around for many years. They are easy to make and you have to look closely to see the safety pins. Make sure that the seed beads you purchase will fit on the safety pins. The beads in between the safety pins are larger and need to be able to be strung on the elastic cord. This bracelet would make a wonderful gift.

Step 1: Supplies

1" Safety pins, 26 total
Small seed beads
elastic cord
1/4" wide beads
12" of 1/2" wide ribbon

Place beads in a saucer or bowl while you are working with them.

Step 2: Seed Beads on Safety Pins

Put 6 seed beads on each safety pin.

Step 3: Cut Elastic Cord

Measure around your wrist. Multiply that by 4. Cut a little more than you think you'll need.  

Step 4: String Safety Pins on Cord

Thread the elastic cord through holes in safety pin as shown. Place safety pin in the center of cord.

Step 5: Place Beads on Cord

Put a 1/4" bead on each of the ends of the elastic cord. You will need to trim the end of the cord just a little bit several times because it will unravel slightly. String another safety pin on the elastic, face in opposite direction from the first one. repeat with 1/4" beads, another safety pin, etc...alternating direction of the safety pins. I used 26 safety pins for my bracelet. If you choose to not add beads in between the safety pins, it will work but you will need more safety pins and some of the elastic will be visible.

Step 6: Alternate Direction of Safety Pins

When you have 26 safety pins, add another bead on each end of cord. Make sure that all the seed beads are on the same side of the bracelet.  

Step 7: Cut Elastic

pull elastic cord gently with out letting the beads and safety pins falling off the other end.cut elastic so you can tie it to the other end.

Step 8: Tie the Ends

Tie one end of elastic cord to the opposite end of the same cord. Tie the other elastic cord to the opposite end of it. Turn the bracelet inside out. Then tie these ends to each other so the bracelet is secure and won't come undone. Cut extra elastic off. Turn the bracelet right side out again.

Step 9: Ribbon

Cut a 12" length of 1/2" wide ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around the exposed elastic knot and tie the ribbon in a pretty bow.

Step 10: Another Version

Here is another version, you can see how I placed 2 beads on one side and one bead on the other. Then alternated the number of beads after the next safety pin. Try making a bracelet to match a particular outfit. The possibilities are endless.



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