Safety Pin Bracelet





Introduction: Safety Pin Bracelet

Get rid of those safety pins lying around the house and create a cool, quick and easy bracelet .

Step 1: Things You Will Need

Safety pins- around 100 this changes depending on the size of your wrist ( I used a slight assortment in sizes but mainly used small gold ones)

Beads of any sort

Sequins (I used some on my bracelet to make it more sparkly)

Elastic - clear, stretchy and as strong as possible ( It doesn't really matter what the elastic looks like just as long as its strong )


Step 2: Beads Onto the Pins

Its as simple as it looks . Just open the safety pins and put as many beads as you can or want onto the pins and close them.
You might want to clamp the ends of the pins with a pair of pliers so the pin doesn't open whilst you're wearing it.

Step 3: Thread the Beads Onto the Elastic

Thread the pins onto the elastic through the round loop at the end of the safety pin.

Step 4: Tie Up the End of Your Bracelet and You're Done !

Make sure you have the size of your bracelet right and tie the end up tight to make sure it won't undo.
Hope you enjoy .



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@ Ruthy Nov: Thanks for the tip about the pliers. I saw another bracelet like this and they used glue. Pliers would be much better.

That was really awesome!!!!=o
Do you have anything else like this??:)

I love making safety pin jewelry! I made an instructable for one a while back, It's the first one under 'related.'

yeah i like your bracelet i made one a while ago my bracelets almost the step behind yours before you connect the other side haha

very nice and easy. BUT be sure the pins wont open - with a pair of pliers press tue openning of each pin to get a permanent closure.