Get rid of those safety pins lying around the house and create a cool, quick and easy bracelet .

Step 1: Things You Will Need

Safety pins- around 100 this changes depending on the size of your wrist ( I used a slight assortment in sizes but mainly used small gold ones)

Beads of any sort

Sequins (I used some on my bracelet to make it more sparkly)

Elastic - clear, stretchy and as strong as possible ( It doesn't really matter what the elastic looks like just as long as its strong )


@ Ruthy Nov: Thanks for the tip about the pliers. I saw another bracelet like this and they used glue. Pliers would be much better.
That was really awesome!!!!=o<br>Do you have anything else like this??:)
I love making safety pin jewelry! I made an instructable for one a while back, It's the first one under 'related.'
yeah i like your bracelet i made one a while ago my bracelets almost the step behind yours before you connect the other side haha
very nice and easy. BUT be sure the pins wont open - with a pair of pliers press tue openning of each pin to get a permanent closure.

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