Safety Sewing Needles


Introduction: Safety Sewing Needles

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Tired of poking yourself with a sewing needle? Dread trying to push a needle through several layers of cloth? Hate the look and fit of a thimble or one of those leather circles stuck to your finger?

Worry no more with the Safety Sewing Needle.

Never again fumble around to find your thimble. Drop your needle? No worries the brightly colored ends make it easy to find and offer a better grip. 

Never mind the inability to penetrate cloth anymore, now you never have to worry about poking yourself! Do you hate when the thread falls out of the needle? Don't worry, you can't even thread the Safety Sewing Needle. Best of all it comes in 2 sizes, sewing and yarn needles. 



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    I don't want to be rude, but this instructable is totally pointless...

    ... but maybe that's the point?


    2 replies

    This was made for a chindogu challenge so it is supposed to be pointless.

    Yes I know that... My comment was supposed to be a pun ;-)

    This is for the chindogu challenge, Its supposed to be like this

    Maybe you could see a way to make a safety for a 3/32 drill bit that went through my left index finger.
    Or for that matter how about safety on a hacksaw that slipped through my thumb nail ;)

    Being mortally afraid of needles (even bare ones neatly in a box) I give my thumps up for this, adding a LED to one end (joule-thief-style) would make me feel even safer though

    Ah yes.... Safety First should be the motto with any embroidery, mending or needle crafting.

    Chindogu my friend. Great job. Never shall I poke my finger again! ;-)

    Hahaha, very nice. I need these around for when I think it's a good idea to embroider something late at night.