Picture of Saftey LED Lights for night bike riding
This is a way to let people see you at a distance while riding your bike at night. Simple to make, instal and use.
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Step 1: Things you will need

Picture of Things you will need
Altoids box, 12 volt switch, multi tool, 2 9 volt battery conector tops and a sodering iron and of course 12 volt leds for an automobile (water resistant)

Step 2: Quick soldering

Picture of Quick soldering
Seperate and measure the led that you want on your bike. Solder the 2 9 volt connectors in serial. That way you have more pwer to the leds (much brighter) . Solder this to the switch of your choice, I prefer the flip style. You can feel its position while riding and simply move it to on.

Step 3: Position for best view.

Picture of Position for best view.
Position the leds on the bike and tie the extra wire down with zip ties. The Leds that I used had an adhesive backing so they were super easy to attach to the bike. Some people like the lights on the side because they are using a front headlight and a red tail light.

Step 4: Turn on and be safe.

Picture of Turn on and be safe.
Check with local laws. In some states they are strict with amber lights in front and red for rear faceing. I picked green because they are viewd easy on the eye and can be seen at least 100 feet back.