Safety pins with colourful beads on them tied with elastic!!!! Takes a very long time but worth it in the end =D
Very cool! does the elastic go on both sides of the safety pins?
=) Thank you <br>Yes it does
i think so. it would make sence<br>
Hey thank you so much =)<br>I will do a step-by-step when I do the next one =) but it is really simple just takes a while to do...<br>and yes if the elastic is thin enough then it should be fine =)<br><br>Thanks =D
I love this idea! They are so cute. Thanks for sharing.
Would definitely love to see a step-by-step Instructable on this! If you need someone to volunteer to receive a new one to make, I'll send you my address! ;)

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Bio: I am a volunteer at a Scrapstore =D brill for stuff to make with!! and loving my time there!! =)
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