Kites are very special....practically every single kid flies one...be it a store bought one or a bag tied with a string ....desperately trying to fly it!
Most people have made a kite at some point in their life...but i have a confession...I have never made one...we used a store bought one when we were kids :-)
So now i go back to being a kid...i wanted to make my first kite!
I did a Google and fell in love with this
So...a normal sane person ...would go for a simple kite right? well.....I desperately wanted to make the ship my first kite! lol...
pretty ambitious huh? especially for someone who has never ever made a kite in her life!
Well...it wasn't so bad....it was pretty easy and fun....and I did it all from scratch! check it out

Step 1: Materials and Cut list

I used bamboo sticks which i cut and cleaned.
also some kite paper ...you can use rip nylon if you are very confident....remember...this is my first attempt!
string to tie,
bamboo skewers

loads of hopefulness :-)
I made my perfect model.... I HOPE the wind be strong tommorow for the contest to be able to work
<p>Wow! awesome...it just looks so fantastic :-) . So how did it do?</p>
<p>To die for</p>
Still in process. but not far from complete. hope it will fly.
<p>how did it go?</p>
looks awesome.going to do one and tell you how it went.<br>thanks for the details
<p>You are welcome :-) please post pictures! I think I shall make another one too as mine broke when we moved house.</p>
<p>I made one for 2016 Zilker Kite Festival</p>
<p>Wow! That looks awesome! hope it got lots of attention :-)</p><p>Sorry for the late reply. I'm only now getting into the rhythm of life now that my baby is 4 months :-)</p><p>Please check your inbox for the gift code :-)</p>
<p>How long are the sticks?</p>
<p>It's pretty long, but I guess I forgotto write down the measuements. You can see hiw big it is in comparison to the car.</p><p> first built the base and from there I kind of eyeballed it. I don't have the kite with me as it was too big to carry around when we moved house.</p><p>After coming back to this instructable , I am tempted to try a smaller version :-)</p>
<p>you sayd the nylon thread broke...</p><p>Did yot get your ship-kite back?</p>
<p>Yes I got it back :-) Want to rebuild it with fabric though...and perhaps a bit smaller??</p>
Wow! Thats crazy! Really beautiful!!
<p>you don&acute;t say, hor to attach the fabric and make the sails and flags...</p><p>And how to attach the flyingline</p>
<p>please check step 3&amp;4. I have given the instructions along with the puctures. This is made with kite paper......as mentioned. ...so it was pasted. Fabric would be better.....Rip nylon. If you are interested :-). </p><p>Have fun making your kite.. and please post a picture!</p>
Congrats shazni!!!! GREAT WORK!!!!
thanks! this is one prize my kids would enjoy :-)<br>
so, your ship flew away... good job
Thank you so much sir!
Congratulations... your flying ship is a winner
YES IT IS! thanks :-)
simply amazing. It looks even more beautiful with full sails
Thanks! yes...I love watching it sail in the air :-)
Wonderful idea! There's actually an old russian cartoon called &quot;Flying Ship&quot;, which matches your kite almost perfectly! xD<br> <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=7yLzD5OtDlc#t=960" rel="nofollow">http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&amp;v=7yLzD5OtDlc#t=960</a>
lol...Thanks! went and checked it out :-)
Great work! Well proud of you cuz!
thanks! hope to hear more from you infuture... ;-)
That is boss!
You managed to get kids out of bed happily at 5 am! Now THAT deserves a whole new category. Maybe we, parents, should start a &quot;How to raise happy kids&quot; here. Major kudos!!! <br>
lol..thanks! yes...that is an achivement! I know...my daughter still puts a tantrum sometimes when she has to get up at 5.30 am....so the night before...I said...'who so ever wants to fly the kite...wake up early without a hum!' lol...it worked!
What can I say??? Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and . . . . beautiful!
Thanks Sunshiine :-)
Wow!What a great idea.looks really awesome.I showed it to my kindergarten children and they are amazed to see a boat flying.ha ! ha!
This is amazing. My son would love this. Thanks for sharing!
you are welcome....please post a picture once you do :-)
This kite is awesome. Enjoyed your Instructable. Your ship saw the ocean, no wonder it broke loose!
the stuff of dreams!
Awesome :). Voted Mam.
Thank youuu!
Awesome work shazni! voted!
Thanks...much appreciated !
This is great. Did you get the kite back?

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