Sailing Knife Mod for Cold Steel True-Flight Thrower

Picture of Sailing Knife Mod for Cold Steel True-Flight Thrower
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Step 1: Tools And Materials

Picture of Tools And Materials

 1. Goggles,Gloves (Safe!!)

 2. Vise

 3. Hacksaw I use a Constant Tension style using Starrett 24tpi blades
      ( Your Choice of hacksaw and blade are up to you. A whole series
    of instructables can be written about hacksaws and use.)

4.  Cutting oil ( I use a mix of Marvel's Mystery Oil and WD-40)

5.  Finishing Tools: Metal files,Sand Paper (Your choice)

Note: I chose a Hacksaw to keep the knife's original temper, Using
 a little cutting oil (keep a rag to clean) and time I used only one blade.

Step 2: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials

1. Cold Steel(tm) True-Flight Thrower
     (Available from Cold Steel Special Projects online)

2. Leather (Happy Hunting on That, I obtained it onboard.)
    Can also purchase the optional Sheath and mod it.

3. Waxed Whipping twine (From Marine/Sailing Stores)
     I used Marlow #4 I purchased from Sailing Supply in
      San Diego, Available in several colors.

4.  Needles, HD for Sail Repair, By several will break one or two.
      From #3 Sources.

5. Optional, The Knife comes wrapped in Green Paracord,
     I used Tarred Marline/Seine Twine for added grip and
     Traditional Look.
 Note: There are several sources here and on the Web on
 Sheath construction and all  different ways to make various
 Marlinspike Sennits,Whippings.etc, for the Handle..
  So I will list materials and ToolsI used for it only.

station4204 years ago
The video was cool!
sodiumcanine (author) 4 years ago

Picture of the marlinespike, I based it on the popular drew pattern.
troseph5 years ago
 Thats a badass looking blade.