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Introduction: Sailor Moon Mixed Board Game

This game's main body is 'Monopoly Millionaires', but actually mixed with part of 'The Game Of Life' and two rules from 'Aeroplane Chess'.

Items included in the game are:
(1)A pair of six-sided dice
(2)Paper money (total:$5,830,000 bills)
-15 $1,000 bills (red)
-20 $2,000 bills (red)
-10 $5,000 bills (red)
-5 $10,000 bills (orange)
-5 $20,000 bills (orange)
-5 $50,000 bills (green)
-5 $100,000 bills (grey)
-3 $200,000 bills (light blue)
-3 $500,000 bills (blue)
-3 $1,000,000 bills (purple)
(3)108 Houses(Each Houses Level 1-3)
(4)36 Property Cards
(5)30 Event Cards
(6)A board
(7)10 small paper tokens
(8)Special Power Cards(Depend on what comic character you make)

The rules (ADDED PART):
(1)2 to 6 players, taking turns to throw the die. The player with the largest number starts to play first, and the rest of the players sit according to the left of him/her.
(2)Each player is represented by a small paper token that is moved around the edge of the board according to the roll of two dice.
(3)If a piece is moved to a space of its own colour, it is jumped one spaces in front to the next space of its own colour.
(4)Players must get one ‘Events 1-76 card’(event cards+ Property Cards) according to players stepped on what number and read what have players get and follow the instructions printed on the card.
(5)If a player can’t get the card of he/she stepped on,that mean the other players get the place or he/she got the place already.He/she have to pay the rent or upgrade the building.
(6)If He/she have stepped on his/her own building when the building is already Level 3,there will be nothing happen on him/she.

These are the ingredients you need:
(1)Hard A4 paper
(2)Computer and printer

Search the pictures->make the items (No dice) by using Microsoft Word->print them out with hard A4 paper->cut them out->FINISH!(Bostik for sticking the houses on the board when you play.)

Hope you enjoy this game.



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