This instructable will show you how to use a SainSmart LCD keypad shield.

You will need:

- An Arduino Uno

- SainSmart Keypad shield

Get one here: Here
- USB cable

Step 1: Setting Up

Place the Shield onto the Uno, and plug it in.
<p>No sketch works for me...</p><p>My shield just shows blocks in the first row, in the second nothing.</p><p>I`ve adjusted the gama also, any other recomandations?</p>
<p>it works ;)</p><p>I had to push it really deep in</p>
<p>Thanks I had troubles right away. This is the EXACT code that worked for me.<br><br>#include &lt;LiquidCrystal.h&gt;</p><p>// LiquidCrystal Print</p><p>// by Parzivail</p><p>LiquidCrystal lcd(8, 13, 9, 4, 5, 6, 7);</p><p>void setup()</p><p>{</p><p>lcd.clear();</p><p>lcd.begin(16, 2);</p><p>}</p><p>void loop() </p><p>{</p><p>lcd.setCursor(0, 0);</p><p>lcd.print(&quot;&lt;3 You Angela&quot;);</p><p>}</p>
<p>Kyle, the code looks like it worked, but the screen doesn't show any words, just blocks. Any recommendations? Thanks</p>
Try adjusting your gamma with the little potentiometer thing
<p>Thanks, so much I tried everything to try to get it to work, and nothing but yours worked!</p>
<p>hmmm no button control ?</p>

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