Saints and Sinners Choker





Introduction: Saints and Sinners Choker

Make this stylish choker from dollar store saint bracelets and supplies you probably already have.

Step 1: Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

Step 2: You'll Need


Sewing machine

E-6000 Glue

Small pieces of denim or heavy fabric



Dollar store saint bracelets

Large flat beads

Small seed beads

Jump rings and lobster claw

Step 3: Create the Base

Cut to identical denim pieces in a crescent moon shape about 5" wide

Straight stitch them together with a contrasting thread

Cut your saint bracelets apart

Step 4: Glue on the Medals

Figure out your design and glue the pieces on with E-6000

Step 5: Add the Seed Beads and Jump Rings

Add more E-6000 around the saint medals and sprinkle seed beads

Allow everything to dry for 1 hour

Cut tiny holes on each end and add jump rings

Step 6: Finish Off With the Chain and More Charms

Attach 3 chains in varying lengths to the jump rings

Attach more saint medals to the hanging chains

Attach chain and a closure to finish it off



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    I couldn't even finish reading this without humming "Wait for It". I'm such hamiltrash

    *humming* death does not discriminate, between the sinners and the saints, it takes and it takes...

    wow this is great and I love jewerly

    Thanks Danger! Much appreciated. It's such a great site to share ideas. It's easy, I love the format and the community is very kind.

    I was hoping to see some "sinners" on there, but no luck finding any "sinner charms"?

    And who would you include if you could? ha ha :D