Salivating Powder (Powder That Makes You Have Salivate Not Dried Saliva)





Introduction: Salivating Powder (Powder That Makes You Have Salivate Not Dried Saliva)

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HI, this is an instructable to enter the Challenge: Make Something New competition by Fungus Amungus! This is the first time i swallowed my breathe and entered the kitchen to cook (not literally) up this new instructable!

Earlier this week, I went shopping for spices and happened to pick up 2 unusual mixes, Cajun(Indian spice mix) and Steak Spice (Steakean spice mix). I live to taste things first so I tasted them individually and then together and found out i was excreting mroe saliva than usual about 2.5x but it does not dribble, just creating a fun and annoying sensation! Warning: It lasts about 1 hour!

It contains Salt which makes you salivate and some chilli powder to make the Powder work even more potently.

Please rate (tell me what you rated), comment and tell me what I can do to improve! I like chatting to people so don't hold back!

Step 1: Ingredients

You need a few things, follow the pictures. If you don't have it use the first couple of ingredients that I list.
Cajun or 60% Salt + Chilli pepper 10% + Mustard Flour 30%
Steak Spice or Salt 50% + Pepper 30% + Garlic Powder 10%
Small Bowl
Container (Airtight) or Snap Lock Bag (Airtight)
If you are using alternative powder ingredients ( They are in bold) Mix them individually first!!!

Step 2: Making

OK look at the level of ingredients in the picture. Its about 3-5 grams, but you do not have to be precise. The ingreients have to be roughly 1.1 Cajun to 1.0 Steak Spice or 1.2 Cajun to 1.0 Steak Spice. So about one spoon steak spice (non heaped) and one spoon Cajun with a tad sprinkle.
Now Mix it in the bowl, so its good when it gets in your mouth.

Step 3: Using

Before Eating, it is important to store it!

Now, to use this. You sparingly or gently pinch some in your hand, or look at the tiny bit on the spoon and place in your mouth. You will now taste a maild spicy salty mix and a few moments later, it will liven your mouth and you will salivate more than usual, but not too much dribbling.

Take the powder alone or put it on food ( you need 2x usual though) and eat,this powder stops you from getting thirsty when eating dry foods ( well for me anyway)



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    Much easier, much faster, much cheaper way to achieve the same effect, would be a little secret ingredient... Schezuan peppercorns. Just bite into a single peppercorn and enjoy the same salivary, tingly sensation. (great as a palette cleanser between meals. try work this into a sorbet!)

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    Very late, but MAN those things work wonders in General Tso's chicken.

    hmm, you can grind that into the recipe, but who on earth is dumb enough to bite into peppercorns?

    Lets try do a small thing called research... The schezuan (sichuan) peppercorn is not actually a peppercorn, but the husk of a certain seed. Not intending to be harsh, but... "biting into peppercorns" couldn't possibly be any more ridiculous than gathering several ingredients to cause the same effect you are going after. If you do plan to eat the concoction you did throw together, you may as well be willing to eat the fore mentioned peppercorn. Save money, time, and effort...

    but i used 2 ingredients and total cost for maybe 100x that batch is about .....$1.20

    McCormick cajun spice - $2.99 McCormick steak spice - $299 Total cost - $5.98 100 grams of schezuan peppercorns - $0.21

    Done. Instant sneeze powder and irritation powder. Sprinkle heavily on victim's food.

    Pavlov? Well, its fun! Did you try it?

     Pavlov is the salivating dog i think.

    look up "Pavlov's Dog"

    Well, I told you I would check it out but I'm afraid I can't rate it as I don't know anything about cooking, but I guess you did a good job...

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    Just buy the stuff in the pictures, it was my first time into the kitchens, i wouldnt know what the salivating powder tastes like, im allergic to something in the cajun, i made 10 people taste it.

    PLease try to make this and taste it, not a dribbly mess but horrifyingly tingly and annoying, i used mild CAjun!!! CAreful or spilling into eyes, may casue singing pain such as mace

    I love extensions of my 'ibles what you rate?

    oh, forgot to mention, rated you a four.