Picture of Sally Melt Sandwich
This sandwich was inspired by my near-empty pantry and hungry tummy. It's really easy to create and though I didn't time myself with a stopwatch, it takes less than ten minutes to put together.

It's essentially a modified grilled cheese sandwich with Salmon.

Oh, I'm not the soi-disant of sandwiches by any means, so the recipe is open to tweaking. That disclaimer being set, on with the sandwich!

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
These were literally the last few remaining items in my pantry which felt like I was back at university. Since they're rather boring on their own, I thought I'd spice it up and present it in a tabloid magazine format (see photo).

You will need:
Whole Wheat Bread
Cheese (I used Land O Lakes "Chedarella" snack cheese, but sliced cheese will also work!)
Canned Salmon (I like Bumble Bee's "Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon" but use the brand you like/have)
Butter (or Margarine)

You will also need a Panini Press or George Foreman grill or good ol' fashioned frying pan.

Onions (which you have to grill/sauté first, prior to including it in your sandwich)
Paprika (Powdered, for seasoning on Salmon)

RaDragon (author) 5 years ago
Uh, thanks? :) Let me know how your sarnie it turns out! ^_^
snarfnugget5 years ago
I have to admit, I didnt read your whole 'ible, but the first pic made this sammy look AWESOME.

After this post, Im gonna go read the rest, and make one for myself.

Damn you peeps for making food look soooooooooo good that I have to go to the gym an extra day just to enjoy it.