Late summer the salmon are coming back and the corn is in season. It's perfect timing for making a salmon and corn chowder. The basis of this soup are the fish bones and the cobs of the corn. A lot of fish mongers are starting to sell bones, heads, bellies and other "waste" parts of salmon for a fraction of the cost of a fillet or steak. Also, you can catch or buy a whole salmon and break it down and use every bit. Here's an Instructable on how to do this, "Breaking Down a Whole Salmon."

Step 1: Scrape Meat From Bones

Once you've filleted your salmon, take a large spoon, and using the backside of it, scrape the meat from the bones. Set this aside.

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<p>omgosh I have to try this! Mmm</p>
This sounds delicious! Great job with the pictures=)

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