Introduction: Salmon Zuke Donburi( Salmon Rice Bowl)

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Rice bowl topped with Soy - marinated sashimi salmon

Step 1: Let's Get a Fresh Raw Salmon:)

Step 2: Ingredients / 1 Large Serving

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- Salomon (Fresh raw) 250g

- A bowl of rice

- Tsuyu ( Mentsuyu ) 50ml ....(This is Japanese noodle soup base but it can be any Japanese sauce. It's really multipurpose. I normally get this stuff at Asian market. If you don't see it at your area, you can make it like a Tsuyu with ...1. Soy sauce- 25 ml 2. Mirin- 25 ml 3. Katsuo power 1/2 teaspoon )

- Sesame oil 1 teaspoon

- 1/4 slices onion (Topping)

- A pinch of sprout

- Wasabi -seaweed sheet

Step 3: [ Instructions ]

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1. Prepare salt water ( or just salt) Then, put salmon on it to remove fishy taste.( about few min ). This is depend on how fresh your fish. If you have super fresh fish, It might not need to use salt water.

Step 4:

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2. Take out the salmon and remove the moisture with paper towel.

3. Remove the skin first. Then, cut the salmon fish into slices. ( Pull the knife toward you ).

Step 5: Dipped Sauce

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Add Tsuyu and Sesame oil. Dipped in the sauce for 40min.

Step 6: Prepare for Topping

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*Cut onion into slices. To soften onion pungency, cut off fiber and expose to air.

*Make shredded nori. ( seaweed )

*Cut sprouts

Step 7: Present

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1. Set aside, a bowl of rice. Add the slices onion and salmon on it. It's also good to add dipping sauce that you used. After that, Topping with Nori and seaweed , Wasabi.

Let's eat!

(Actually I forgot to put the sliced onion under the salmon... so i put the onion later haha.)

I hope you like Japanese rice bowl! Thank you see you~


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