Introduction: Salmon Stuffed Cherry Peppers

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After some recent weight gain I've been trying to give good for me food a higher priority, these are a variation of a snack my grandfather used to make, he used hot sausage and cheese as the stuffing and pan fried them in oil and they are as good as they sound. Salmon of course is high in Omegha-3 and vitamin D and is highly regarded as being good for you.

Step 1: What I Used

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Jarred hot cherry peppers
packaged salmon, yes fresh would have been better and 5x more expensive
diced onion
 chopped garlic
 olive oil
 apple cider vinegar
 italian seasonings
 corn tortilla chips

Step 2: Salmon Mix

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I made about a 1/4 cup of ooil and vinegar mixed with the garlic and italian seasoning and let it sit whil I did the rest.
diced a small onion half
 crushed about a 1/3 cup of tortilla chips, a mortar and pestle would be nice but I don't have one and the cup and shooter worked
 crumbled the salmon and mixed everything together

Step 3: The Peppers

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I chose the largest peppers from the jar then cut out the stem and removed the seeds

Step 4: Get Stuffed !

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I tried using a spoon to stuff the peppers, but it was easier to do by hand, messy but easier. now pop them in a 350f oven for 20 minutes then slide under the broiler until they start to color... serve hot or chilled


Chikpeas Brother (author)2014-01-25

Oh, man. Those look great!

l8nite (author)Chikpeas Brother2014-01-25

thank you CB. If you have seen any of my other recipes you'll know that cherry peppers aren't my thing but I bought a jar for a relish recipe that I never made. They were good, they would have been better if I used jalapenos or habaneros and maybe a little bacon. Of course they would have been even better if I used cooked hot sausage and cheese in a habanero and wrapped it all in bacon... not very diet friendly though = S

Chikpeas Brother (author)l8nite2014-01-25

Habaneros, that sounds good! (I like spicy foods)

By the way, I admire your recent action towards healthier eating. Keep it up! :)

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