Salt Water Purifier





Introduction: Salt Water Purifier

In this Instructable I will show you how to build a salt water purifier. When using this it will produce about a third of a cup of drinkable water an hour.

Step 1: Materials

  • Metal can
  • Empty soda can
  • Aluminum foil
  • 2-3 ft of tubing
  • Rubber band
  • Towel / paper towel
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sizzors

Step 2: Now We Will Make the Canister for the Salt Water

  1. Remove the label from the coffee can
  2. Next cut a piece of aluminum foil about 12" x 12"
  3. Now cut it in to four squares
  4. Now remove the lid of the Coffee can
  5. Now take 3 of the sheets and place them on top of the metal can
  6. Now fold the sheets down over the edge like in picture 4
  7. Now put the Rubber band around the tin foil
  8. Next place the fourth sheet of aluminum foil over top of the rubber band

Step 3: Attaching the Tubing

  1. The first thing you need to do is take the tip of the scissors and place it near the edge of the can
  2. After you place the scissors near the edge of the can you need to spin it until there is a hole about the size of the tubing
  3. Next insert the tubing into the hole about 1/3 of an inch down
  4. Now thoroughly apply hot glue around the tubing

Step 4: Now We Will Make the Collector

  1. First cut a piece of tin foil a little bit bigger than the top of the can
  2. Now place the aluminum foil on top and fold the sides down
  3. Now make a hole by twisting the scissors over where the hole in the can is
  4. You are now done In the next step I will show you how to use it

Step 5: Using the Purifier

  1. First you need to pour salt water into the metal can until it is about halfway full
  2. Now you need to take the tube and put it into the hole in the soda can
  3. Next you need to make a small fire you could also use a back pack stove
  4. Now you need set the can on the fire being care full the flames do not come two high
  5. Now you need to wet the paper towel or towel with cool water
  6. Now place the paper towel/towel over the tube check this often and make sure it is cool and damp
  7. Your purifier should now start to produce water in about 5 to 10 minutes

This purifier works because when you boil water it creates steam. The steam rises to the top of the can then goes through the tubing. Because of the paper towel the steam cools and turns back into water. Which then collects in the can free from impurities.



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    how would the hot glue not melt under the heat

    I don't think the hot glue step could be used in a survival setting.. where would you plug in your hot glue gun? lol.

    Use Strike Any ware Wood Matches, go back of match head 3/8 " and put a mid to large gob of HOT GLUE on the stick, let Fully cool. to use, Strike the Match, hold it out striate and let the flame burn back and Slowly melt the hot.. use as needed.

    I have at least a Dozen in my Bug Out Gear, my truck, my car, even my Hunting and fishing geer.

    Actually you can use hot glue without a hotglue gun. Take a hot glue stick and cut off about 1 inch...then use a drill bit or heated nail to create a hole through the middle. Place a long match inside the now created channel. Leave the head of the match and about 1/2 an inch of wood above the glue stick. Now, when you need hot light the match, and as it melts the hot glue.

    Yeah, I'm thinking maybe you could just use more fold and compress it down tight over the tube area? Or use some sort of putty, or mud even, if you are in a survival situ. Hose clamp?

    FYI, this has been the primary way that the U.S. Navy has created potable water onboard ships for years. They pump heated sea water into a vacuum chamber, it then flashes into steam, rises into another chamber to be cooled and condensed back to a liquid.

    Have used this in a survival situation in north west works....a little time consuming but u get water - and u live....I buried the tube in the ground and wet the ground with salt water to add in cooling....good post

    Interesting distillery. Paint the outside of the coffee can black. Set a couple mirrors to reflect sunlight on the black surface. If cool, running water is available immerse the tubing in it or maybe bury it. Keep the collector in the shade or even bury it too but be careful of a siphoning problem. Maybe this would avoid having to use a fire although that is quicker.

    I will definitely do this for the zombie apocalypse.