While I was looking around for Christmas presents for my teachers I came across THIS SITE where they sell salt made of tears it seems to just be sea salt but it sparked a thought. Being a senior in an engineering program at a smaller school I have had some hard classes, some hard teachers, and each teacher for several classes. I came up with the idea salt made form student tears. The salt jars are going to be custom for each teacher with the hardest part of the classes or the teacher’s specialty involving why a student would cried.

Jars with corks    ~$1 a piece
Coarse Sea Salt   ~$9 a pound
Logos                   ~Free
Glue stick              ~Free

Step 1: Design a Logo

The logo is made up of 3 main parts: the top banner, middle showing that it is made of student tears, and the bottom that is specific to each teacher.

I am not addressing who the gifts are from but I did add a code in the top line with my name, this might have been the hardest part. It’s an unnecessary step but gives the finished product a cleaner look. The top line could have just been a related phrase or motto.
We Installed Life’s Logic Year = WILLY

To arc the text I used the create wrapped text icon in Photoshops text edit bar.

This is the part where the tears come from. For this instructable I am using teacher’s tears but it could also be from anyone or anything else. If the gift was to give a set of them to someone it could be easily be for their job or hobby.

This is the most unique part where I made it individual for each teacher. It was a little hard coming up with reasons students would cry without saying the teacher did a bad job or point out what I didn’t like about the classes. Even though my teachers are laid back and would find most comments as a joke I checked with a few friends that they thought the comments were appropriate also.

It was hard to fit the comments on one line. Some tricks I used to fit the longer phrases on the line include changing the font sizes and squishing the text. To squish the text in Photoshop right click on the layer with the text and select Rasterize. After the text is rasterized the layer can be manipulated with free transform.

I made one template file (its attached) then changed the bottom text for each bottle. After the text was changed I saved a copy as a .jpg. I inserted all the final .jpgs into a MS Word doc so that they could be printed at once and re-sized easily.
<p>this is soul crushing and funny at the same time. great idea and thank you for sharing!</p>
<p>Oh this is going to be a hysterical gift... Thank you for the inspiration!</p>
Nice idea. In my office I have a glass jar full of fish food for my aquariuam labled &quot;Ashes of Problem Employees&quot;
Love it! After grad school I could open a salt mine...
So cute!
Fun idea. Gave me a good laugh amidst revision.
Thank you everyone for the comments I'm glad you liked it.
Very funny! And nicely challenging as well. Glad you saw that website.
That is hysterical. I work in a university, so I know what you mean. <br> <br>
Being a fellow engineer, I totally love this. In school, the upperclassmen would sit in the hallway outside of the first Thermodynamics test for the year just to watch the underclassmen walk out. Those tests were the worst.
Oh, that's a great idea! <br> <br><sub>Note to love-struck boys - this would be a wonderfully romantic gift; &quot;<em>Salt from the tears I shed when you are not near</em>&quot;, and other such soppy rubbish.</sub>

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