Introduction: Salt Powered LED Flower

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very simple to make

my first instructable:)

Step 1: Parts Needed:

-aluminum foil
-small copper plates
-paper tissue
-plastic straw
-1 LED 5 mm, 3.5v
-origami lily -
-nylon or plastic bag

Step 2: The Battery

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the battery- make pairs of copper plates and aluminum foil with paper tissue in between

make enough pairs to light a single LED,  and strengthen them with tape or sth

Step 3: Make Two Origami Lilies

Picture of Make Two Origami Lilies

then put a LED on the bottom of one lily and glue it, then put that lily in another and glue

weld wires to LED leads and pull them through the straw

Step 4: Connect the Battery With Straw Wires

Picture of Connect the Battery With Straw Wires

connect the battery with straw wires, but make sure it's the right polarity

tape lily's stalk to the battery and put it all in a small glass or something like that

and you're done!

I don't know for how long will it last, but it can be recharged- just put a few drops of salt water, or lemon juice in the battery


jaesungauzakim (author)2010-03-29

Add a joule thief and probably it will look brighter

rockyt (author)2010-02-19

that is awesome! how long does the battery last?

xtony666 (author)rockyt2010-02-20

don't know, for now 10 hours and still running :)

lycoris3 (author)xtony6662010-03-12

cool, tell me the when it goes out.  I want to build one for my sweetheart, but its got to last for a long time.

simple but awesome x.

xtony666 (author)lycoris32010-03-14

it worked for about 2 days with first charge, but I think you could extend it's life if you put more tissue, so you can add more salt water, AND more important, put battery in plastic bag and suck up the air and seal it so the vacuum stays inside.
Should last longer

lycoris3 (author)xtony6662010-03-16

thanks xtony, I will see of I can get some of the stuff, and Lord knows I have one too many wires lying about....(evil laugh)

rimar2000 (author)2010-02-20

Very interesting.

Have you tried other domestic products instead of salt? For example vinegar, bleach, etc..

xtony666 (author)rimar20002010-03-14

no, but it would work with vinegar, well it would work with all that can be used as electrolyte :)

Eonir (author)2010-02-20

Holy crap, that's awesome! Is it possible to revive the battery somehow after it's all used up? I understand that the copper reacts with the salt, so I guess it's troublesome...

xtony666 (author)Eonir2010-02-23

I guess you could replace aluminum foil in a few minutes, because it's thinner than copper so it will probably be first to dissolve, and sander copper if it has oxidized layer on it, and then you again add few drops of electrolyte like salt water

or I think it should last longer if you put aluminum plates(i didn' t have them) instead of aluminum foil and then make pairs with copper plates

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