Introduction: Salt/Pepper Packets

Step 1: Materials

Okay so what you need are in the picture.
-pair of scissors
-lighter (or matches)
-straw(a thicker one like a mcdonalds one)
-pepper or salt

Step 2: Steps

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any damage done to yourself during this project!!
Okay so now that we got that covered....Sally Forth!!

Step 1- okay take the straw and cut it to about an inch and a half and grab the pliers and hold the ends together and burn it down to the pliers this should make them stick together

Step 2- put the pepper in one side and then after it's filled melt the other side like the one before...

Step 3- a When ready to use cut it open and apply to food


YankeesFisherman123 (author)2014-03-26

Thank you I appreciate it

wheeljam (author)2014-03-26

Good Job

YankeesFisherman123 (author)2014-03-20

It was but there was no section on making food accessories

dmcelligott (author)2014-03-19

shouldn't this be in the food section and not technology?

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