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Don't you wish you had a magical device that you could stick sandpaper to, and sand all you wanted to, FOREVER?? Well, I've got quite the doo-dad for you.

I call it the Saltoid.

Due to its patented Swedish design, it can do anything.

So, my friend, follow me on the journey of a lifetime to make your very own Saltoid.

Step 1: Materials

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For your journey, you shall need to acquire:

1. An Altoid tin - I found mine in my drawer, you could do that too, or you could just check at the local Wal-Mart. They usually have some.
2. Adhesive sandpaper - we had some with the orbital sander; you should be able to pick some up at Home Depot or Lowe's
3. Scissors
4. A ruler

Step 2: Assembly

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This is all pretty simple, so we can squeeze everything into one step.

1. Measure your Altoid tin. Mine was about 3-3/4 in. by 2-1/4 in. (that's 9.5 cm by 6 cm for all you foreign folk). Use these measurements to mark your sandpaper accordingly. Alternatively, you can trace the Altoid tin onto your sandpaper. However, I chose not to do this because this would create a sort of "overhang" of sandpaper from the tin.

2. Cut your sandpaper along the lines you drew.

3. Slap the sandpaper onto the tin.

4. Put extra sandpaper into your tin. If you want, you can cut some more sandpaper templates so you can just put them on your tin without having to cut them out again.

5. Sand stuff. I used mine on [ a pair of jeans].

6. Show it off to your friends.

7. Put it in your pocket when you're all done =]

Good luck and have fun!


Delete_ (author)2013-09-05

I hate to be mean but this is kinda stupid, cus a 2 year old can make it, and has like no use

TimsProjects, to the contrary, the saltoid is brilliant. It's the perfect size for hands, even tiny feminine hands like mine. The cover has an overhang on all sides which keep the fingers and thumbs from sliding off as easily. It's simplicity and the availability of altoids tins is an added bonus.

mikedoth (author)2008-03-19

I'm starting to like the uses of these little tin cans. Thinking of going out to get a couple for some projects now.

Kiteman (author)mikedoth2008-03-20

You're dooooomed ....

mason0190 (author)Kiteman2008-06-23

n ohe isnt im worknig on a guitar does that make me doomed!?!

yeolddingdong (author)mason01902009-12-19


mg0930mg (author)mason01902009-07-30


sk8erdude (author)Kiteman2008-06-02

Dooomed... lol

snowpenguin (author)2009-05-05

I like ho it's a 'lifetime journey.' Nice. I might build this.

stephenniall (author)2008-12-12

Hi just a notwe to officeblueprint i did this and it works pretty good but the motor has to have a high voltage as when you push it down really hard it just stops But mine has a dc converter 12v from the mains

officeblueprint (author)2008-12-06

hey i got a question could u take a viberating motor (not from any sex toys) like from a old ps2 controller and lke make it spin really fast using a like 24 AAAA batterys(like froma 9volt battery??

bumpus (author)2008-03-26

"NOM NOM NOM" hahaha i love that

sk8erdude (author)bumpus2008-07-18

lol a guy i know does that when im not looking and when i look he stops lol. CHEEZE!!!!!!

Labot2001 (author)bumpus2008-03-26

I can has cheezburger? lol

Derin (author)Labot20012008-06-26

cheez,burger,cheez,burger,cheez,burger,cheez,burger,cheez,burger,all cheez and no burger makes labot a dull boy

Gjdj3 (author)2008-06-26

This will make sanding a lot easier! I never thought of using one to do this. Nice job. 5/5.

Labot2001 (author)Gjdj32008-06-26

Thank you muchly. I actually use it quite often... until I lost it...

lightmoon1345 (author)2008-03-24

I never thought of this! And its so easy! Great instructable.

Bellmaster4 (author)2008-03-21

Great idea! If I had an Altoid tin, I'd make one. =D

keefurxxcore (author)2008-03-20

I love it.

iKill (author)2008-03-20

This is a really great idea. just a suggestion if people want to make it, cut extra sheets of sand paper and stick them onto slightly bigger peices of wax paper then through them into the tin

Kiteman (author)2008-03-20

It's a nice idea, especially the possibility of storing extra sandpaper in the tin, but I'm not convinced about the pocketability of the tin - I'd sand my knuckles and scuff all the paint off my multitool

Labot2001 (author)Kiteman2008-03-20

Well, seeing as how the sand paper is "re-adhesivable", you could unattach the sandpaper, put it in the tin, and reattach it when you need it. But I guess this would decrease the longevity of the adhesive... *sigh*

Ah, well. Thanks for the critique. I must admit that the idea came suddenly, and the original idea was changed only ONCE. In all truth, I threw this together quite quickly, I really wanted to get something into the contest... *blah blah blah*

Thanks though! ;]

computerwiz_222 (author)2008-03-20

they sell these - i think they're called a sanding block, you can change the paper too

Quite right! I actually have a few lying around; however I don't like their feel, and with the Saltoid I can throw sandpaper into it.

gmjhowe (author)2008-03-20

Clever - Great use of an altoid tin - one of the best and most orginal ive seen

Labot2001 (author)gmjhowe2008-03-20


jpmartineau (author)2008-03-19

Great idea - the Saltoid - not sanding your jeans.

Labot2001 (author)jpmartineau2008-03-20

Thanks! Andd...

the jeans are junk anyway - it's all part of my philosophy on "Repurposing" =]

jpmartineau (author)2008-03-19

Oh, and you could probably cut a piece of sandpaper a few inches longer than the tin, then, holding the tin over the sandpaper (gritty side down), fold the edges back into the tin, and then shut the top of the tin. That way, the paper would be held by the tin's top...

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