Picture of Salty Dough for sculpt
Easy to make and safety to use. I hope you will LIKE IT.
Sorry about my English language unskilled.

Step 1: The Ingredients

Picture of The Ingredients
1.wheat flour 230g.
2.Salt 200g.
3.Water 1cup
Add water 1 tea spoon for Increase flexibility.
Add vegetable oil 1 tea spoon for add the thin.
Sunny1246135 years ago
 Its alright.

Maybe you should use ur own pics. I would like to see
what creativeness comes out of someone with a liking for
dombeef5 years ago
You copied sunny124613's project!
canida dombeef5 years ago
Again, this is another version of the same well-known recipe.  That's allowed, and even encouraged.  Be nice.