Picture of Salvage Organizer
This is a really easy and kinda cool looking storage box for anyone thats salvages parts from broken machines.I have already made 2. It will take only an hour.

Step 1: Finding the Box

Picture of Finding the Box
The first thing you should do is find a nice medium kin of small box. I used the one in the picture.Here are some other materials you'll need.

*X-acto knife or scissors
*A extra box[for exta cardboard]
paint or markers to decorate[optional]
i have noticed in all the "organizer stores" that there are walls of these. All they are are what you made plus some nice matching covering. some of the shoe boxes i have received were way to well made to trash
wall paper would work well to dress them up and the patterns are endless. contact paper works too, but i think wall paper is a lot cheaper, i am sure you could get some free rolls of one left at stores. there are also a lot of nice fabric wall papers out there too.
the local coffee shop sells the burlap bags the coffee comes in from south america, they have become so popular
tbeatty5 years ago
 Been searching for an idea for yarn storage for several hours now. This will work nicely. I can customize the size to cover one whole wall of my closet, and it will be nice and neat, and heck of alot cheaper than bins and shelves. Thanks =)
tinkluvspan7 years ago
wow cant wait to try to make one thanks:)
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LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Good Idea way to recycle!