Step 4: Reassemble

Give the parts time to dry before reassemble them.

I waited a day before rebuilding the light. It all went back together without a hitch.

Make sure you install CFLs to save energy.

I had a few spots that needed touching up, so I sprayed some paint out in a bottle and used a model brush to paint it on.

again MAKE SURE the glass goes in with the spray-on etching facing inside.
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nicely done! 180 degree improvement!
This is how mine came out. I still have not finished the other one. Great instructable!
nice job. <br>i did this to my front light. i had rust on mine so when after cleaning it, I scrubbed off all the rust with fine steel wool, then used a rust treatment primer. <br> <br>I didn't do the glass etching. that's a nice touch. I don't like seeing the curly light bulb.
GREAT Instructable. Featured!

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