Step 4: Resistors

Picture of Resistors
In contrast to capacitors, resistors are easy. They are usually white on the underside, black on top and have the value printed on them. The last digit is the number of zeroes. The first two or three digits are the figures before the zeroes. In ohms.

560 means fifty six ohms. 561 would be five hundred and sixty ohms. 564 would be five hundred and sixty Kilohms, or, more concisely, point five six Meg.

These are also seen as arrays, pictured here are 33 ohm arrays I soldered together because I did not find any use for them.

When kept loose in a box, they tend to obey Murphy's law and all of them will be hiding white side up. And the one you want will be the one you turn up last.

Because when you find the one you want you stop looking.
jparis12 years ago
try sticking the small resistors to a piece of elec. tape or duct tape right side up. no more hunting, when u want one jus use tweezers to get it off the tape. jus a lil tip, might help u guys.
AJMansfield2 years ago
What about sub-ohm resistance values?
tanmanknex6 years ago
isn't the one you want always going to be the one you turn over last? why would you keep looking after that? jk ;D
So that you can find the one you don't want.
Terrean4 years ago
A correction needs to be made in your Instructable.
A 564 resistor is actually 560,000 ohms(560 Kohms) and NOT "five hundred and sixty thousand Kilohms".
neelandan (author)  Terrean4 years ago
Edited to "560 Kilohms".