Salvaged & Reused Timber in the Home & Garden

When I was growing up we didn't throw out anything that could be repaired or reused. I never discard perfectly good materials just because they no longer serve their original purpose, the following projects are just a few of the many ibles that include salvaged timber including a shameless plug for a couple of my own. I hope that they encourage more people to follow the example. Many thanks to all those iblers who allowed me to include their work.
Space Saving Loft Ladder/ Stairs (100% Salvage Materials) style
One of my favourite reuse projects, I just wish I had a place for something similar.
A wooden box style
A simple to build project with a multitude of uses that would be useful in any home.
Pallet wood desk style
If anyone doubts that an old pallet can made a beautifully finished piece of furniture it's time to think again.
Reclaimed Pallet Side Table with Drawer Space style
A neat little project with a clever added feature. I can see tables like this in gardens dens & conservatories everywhere.
Pallet Playhouse style
Very much a "Worlds best Dad" project, but how do you follow it up?
Coffee Table/Storage Box From Reclaimed Wood style
Reused timber and a dual purpose. I've made a few storage tables every home should have at least one.
Using recycled or salvaged timber. style
A bunch of my own projects mostly made from just one set of discarded bunk beds.
Salvaged timber table for a corner suite. style
A custom built table made for a friend with a particular need in mind.
Upcycled Bunk Bed Workbench style
Every workshop has space for a good solid bench, I like this project so much I've recommended it to a few friends.