Combine scrap material to quickly build a set of hands free clamps for soldering. Materials can vary and measurements are irrelevent.

Step 1: Cut a Path for the Wire.

While I recommend having a proper pair of jeweler's hand free clamps for soldering, a very easy set can be assembled from salvaged parts. Materials required are:

2 feet stiff wire
I used the red and black from some BX cable laying around (red for positive DC, black for negative DC) but coat hanger would work just as well. I can't imagine stranded wire would work well, but anything goes so long as it will stand still.

2 pieces scrap wood
Old wood dressers are the best place to scrounge nice finished wood. I think this project used up the last few scraps. Anything thin will do, I recommend having it sanded so you don't get a splinter while soldering.

2 salvaged alligator clips
For some reason I always have a few clips laying around. If you don't, any electronics supplier will.
( Radio Shack )
( Interior Electronics )

2 small bolts long enough to pass through both pieces of wood
Try looking in your sock drawer, I can always find some there.


Needle nose pliers
Wire stripper
Drill with large and small bits
Rotary tool with router bit

Use the router bit to cut a path for the wire to lay in. Put holes through at each end for the wire to poke through. Because stiff wire will not lie perfectly flat, you will have to cut pretty deep for the wire to fit in.
i like the Lego guy
thts kool, u should add a magnifying glass in the middle with the same free movement as the clips
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I wanted to get the real thing but they where to much money so i didn't get it. but know i can make them awesome WHOO
i need 1 and you love you loges dont you?
Very Good indeed!!!!!!! I made mine with a small magnifying lens attach for tiny objects like chips to be soldered.
Cool I like it
that's alot cooer than ones at radio shack, try sdding a cheap plactic novelty magnifier with anither wire
I like the use of the Lego men to indicate scale, or just for the fun of it. It's a great use for a load of old bits. If you had a spare lens lying around you could probably pop it in another clip for a magnified view, though you might need stiffer wire.
i always like the "DIY" stiff wire helping hand method better...because they're sooo much more configurable...i mean heck...you could have an octo-helper if you wanted...just stick 8 pieces of wire in there and you're golden

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