Step 3: Do It Again!

Now that you've got one magnet, try for 20!  I've been collecting for 2-3 years and I've got almost 40. My best one looks somthing like a  a landmine, and weighs, oh, I don't know, 30, maybe 40 pounds.

What to do with all those magnets?  Maybe you could sell them on Ebay, or start a speaker repair shop - it's up to you. Have fun with this.  

Black Hole over and out 
<p>When I helped clear out my brother's (Chaz Clapp) belongings two years ago after he died, I only wanted small items for the flight home. I took his stereo speaker magnet (already removed from speaker) because it was so big and powerful. I love magnets. Now I learn from you that it's a rare-earth magnet! which is highly recommended for finding studs on interior walls. I just learned about rare-earth magnets in my research. I'm about to hang some shelves, and I am going to use this speaker magnet, I've used smaller ones on walls, having figured out that they would work as well as a magnetic stud finder. The wall i'm going to be working on I'd covered with carpet to help muffle sound in my adjoining room when my tenant was using it for a recording studio. I'm a 73 year old single woman, self-taught do-it-your selfer, mostly by trial and error. My brother was a recording and recording equipment addicand hoarder since he was 14 and used reel-to-reel. I know he'd get a kick out of how I'm using his speaker magnet.</p>
<p>That is a lot of BFF&amp;I did you break many? </p>
Objectively speaking the hatchet was overkill but I'm always a fan of overkill....
I almost did what you did, but then I found out hoe to save the speakers. All it takes is some glue , or GE Sealant and some paper, plastic or light material. Make a patch and glue it where the speaker is cracked. Let it dry and its fixed. Sounds just like new. I save my big speakers from the landfill. Very happy. FYI

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