Sambal djahe

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Sambal is a condiment or sauce that's highly valued and used daily in Indonesia. It's generally more or less pedis, which means hot as in spicy; that's because the main ingredient is peppers. A good, not too hot base pepper is lombok; rawit peppers are hotter.
If you're not used to eating very hot peppers, use nothing but lombok peppers to make your first sambal. You can always upgrade by adding some rawit or other varieties to a later batch.

There are probably as many sambal recipes as there are Indonesian aunts and grandmothers. This one here is a fairly basic sambal recipe, but not the most basic there is; that would be sambal oelek, which is pretty much ground up lombok peppers and not much else. Boring, right?
So this version uses onions and garlic to add some aroma. And also, the onions help dilute the peppers somewhat, so this sambal is not crazy hot. That makes it suitable for daily use, if you like that kind of thing.
For extra flavour, I've added ginger (djahe); feel free to leave that out if you don't like it. Experiment! Making sambal is easy and fun!

I learned to make this from KKN-Peter at Hack42. Remember kids, brush your teeth, and support your local hackerspace!
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hubbe10 months ago
Made a batch of this yesterday. With red banana and habanero. Great stuff. Just had a bowl with 1dl yogurth and 1 tbspn sambal. Grrreat, as the tiger would say.
ibnsameer7912 months ago
may I add some salt?i really love sambal, makes me sweat :D
Hack42Moem (author)  ibnsameer7912 months ago
Definitely! It's even in the recipe.
ahmadfarisfs12 months ago
I'm indonesian and i dont know you guys love sambal
Hack42Moem (author)  ahmadfarisfs12 months ago
Well, now you know! :-)
Many Dutch people love Indonesian food, and I'm one of them.
AndyGadget12 months ago
We've run out of summer here in the UK so I've harvested my chillies, most of which didn't get to fully ripen.  I think I'll have a go at this recipe with the green (but very hot) ones I've got.
Hack42Moem (author)  AndyGadget12 months ago
That sounds like an excellent way to use them. If by any chance you are worried that your sambal will turn out too hot, you can add some sweet bell pepper to the recipe.
rudeo9812 months ago
I wanna try it so much! :O
Hack42Moem (author)  rudeo9812 months ago
You totally should! It's easy.
jjdebenedictis12 months ago
Awesome! I fell in love with a dish in a local restaurant that has a base of Sambal. I've been looking for a good recipe for it, so thank you!
Hack42Moem (author)  jjdebenedictis12 months ago
You're welcome! Glad to know I helped someone.