Samkak Kimbab, also known as Onigiri, or Omusubi, is a Japanese food made from white rice formed into triangular shapes and wrapped in seaweed. It was invented by a Japanese company. I think whoever thought of this was pretty clever!

Samgak Kimbab makes rice portable and easy to eat and also preserves it since it is wrapped in plastic paper while it is made. Also, since the seaweed is totally wrapped in the plastic paper, the seaweed will still be crispy, keeping it from soaking water which can ruin the taste of seaweeds.

This instruction provides simple steps with explanations, and several tips. Samkak Kimbab is easy to make with a little cooking time, about 10-15 minutes for 3-4 samgak kimbab.

Step 1: Get Your Items Prepared

Go to your local asian grocery store and get the following items

•Samkak Kimbab Frame
•Packed Seaweed for Samkak Kimbab
•2-3 cups of rice(medium grain, short grain, or sticky rice) for 4-5 Samkak Kimbab
  TIP: For the best product, try to cook the rice sticky. If you have a rice cooker, try to put a little more water than usual.
  TIP: Adding some vinegar into your rice will make it stickier.
•Sesame oil
•Canned Tuna, or anything that you want to put in Samkak Kimbab
  TIP: Since rice is bland, get something salty, spicey, or seasoned meat, or vegetables upon your taste.

Prepare items that you may have already

•Rice cooker
  TIP: Rice cookers for sticky rice is usually expensive, but you can buy pre-cooked microwavable rice at Walmart, or asian grocery store
•Plastic gloves for cooking
ONIGIRI~!!!!!! I miss this so much! I will try to follow your steps and make this then eat it. Thanks for sharing :)

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