Welcome everyone to my first instructable!

I have had this burning desire to get my new Epic to inductively charge.... I have scoured the web and have found nothing... So I figured I had insurance and the worst that could happen is I would have a fancy paperweight... :D

But lets get to it.

Items that will be needed are:

One Soldering Iron with a very small tip
Favorite solder
One Palm touchstone charging kit
speaker coil wire
Small Philips screwdriver
Small standard screwdriver or dental pick

Step 1: The Teardown

This is a simple step.... Tear it down!!! :D

There are 7 screws on the back of the phone. Take them out and then start lifting the rear cover off. (Don't forget to take the SD card out) There are no hidden screws or any void stickers. I found this is where a small dental pick or small standard screwdriver works wonders!

After you have the back cover off there are two ribbon cables that connect the screen, keyboard, and front speakers. Just simply lift them off from the side opposite to the cable. Now the motherboard should lift right out of the case.

<p>Sooo, what's stopping the coil from draining your battery when it isn't on the charger?</p>
This is super cool, I just tried to do it. I had everything minus the actual Palm charger. Hooked everything up and it was all working fine except the stone but we know why, and after a few minutes my phone shut off and wouldn't turn on or anything. I pulled the wires back off and noticed there were several spots where it had gotten nicked and was exposed so I think I need to find a different type of wire. But thank you for doing this, as soon as I get more wire I'm going to hook it back up and once the charger comes in I'll be glad I did this. Thank you for doing this and creating the instructable, I would never have come up with this on my own.
Yea when I first did it I thought I really messed it up because I was using changers that were not Palm and it would start charging and then stop every few seconds. I would for sure watch out about the insulation on the wires. If you plan on leaving it in your phone for a while you don't want to have to worry about the wires getting exposed and shorting out something in your phone. I am glad I am not the only one crazy enough to try this. Best of luck m8!
Maybe I missed this, but what gauge is the wire, and approximately how long do they need to be cut to fit in the case when all is said and done and reassembled?
I don't know what the gauge was. I was actually worried about the current being too much for them to handle it but I still use it everyday/every time I need to charge my phone with no problems as of yet. I remember the wire stated Coated Speaker Core wire. Other than that no clue on the gauge. Also I ran about a foot of wire and figured it was best to trim excess than not have enough (Yes there was about 6 inches I had to cut off.) I guess about the only thing I can say as far as the size of the wire is it was about as large as the solder and that was .015&quot;.<br><br>Sorry I couldn't be of more help....
I've been wanting to make an induction power charger for my ipod, but they make it so skinny you cant really fit a coil in it.... unless I got a case for it then I could put it on the outside, which i might try. Amazing project BTW.
Did you take the metal circles out of the palm back?
Correct. If you peel the sticker it will all come out of the backing. All I did was simply attach it to the backing of the phone.
<a href="http://osbada.com/">samsung 5330</a> is better )
this is AMAZING. (especially the guts you have to do this) wont do this to my HTC Desire thought (it has warrenty stickers) i have already had some problems with it so wont risk haveing no warrenty and a broken phone. ill do this in 2 years :D (i live in Denmark. we have 2 years warrenty (sort of)<br><br>(one year of warrenty and 2 years of something with a fancy danish word that meens you have to prove you didnt cause the damage (were under warrenty the company have to prove you did.. if they claim you did)
this is so cool
cool device!

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